Sarah Kraning

Synesthetic Artist

Sarah, an American abstract artist, playwright, and speaker, possesses a unique perspective due to synesthesia, a rare neurological condition. This extraordinary trait enables her to visualize sound as vibrant colors, patterns, and motion. Drawing from her sensory experiences, her abstract creations beautifully translate music into art. Sarah’s TEDxMinneapolis talk explores the stigma surrounding synesthesia, and her own slow process of recognition. She also shares how she courageously unveiled her lifelong creations during the pandemic, gaining global recognition. Her TikTok (@SarahKraning) boasts viral videos, establishing her as a leading advocate for synesthesia on social media. Featured in renowned platforms like Guggenheim Museum, Beatles museum, and Wired Magazine, she collaborates with musicians to paint live, aiming to celebrate music’s allure through her innovative art and embrace the splendor of neurodiversity.