Past Talks

Building bridges across racial divides: Let's keep building
Tru Pettigrew
Unraveling Gender: A Journey Through History and Self-Expression
Ruby Mathiason
Revealing our brain’s super-listening powers
Roger Dumas
Summer’s Bounty—Ask Me For More
Pakou Hang
When Two Women Walk on Stage, it becomes a "Woman's Show"
2 Sugars Show
Turning “A Worker Shortage” into “A Globally Fluent Workforce”
R.T. Rybak
Pleasure to the People! Reclaiming Healthy Pleasure
Dr. Rachel Allyn
Technology for the people, by the people
Kristen Murray
What I Learned About Life from Death
Jane Whitlock
Performance at MacPhail Center for Music | ENCORE! Twin Cities Women's Choir | TEDxMinneapolisWomen
ENCORE! Twin Cities Women’s Choir
Stepping Into The Punch: Claiming Our Identity As America's North
Eric Dayton
Honoring Indigenous Cultures and Histories
Jill Fish
Great Cities Begin With Sidewalks
Bill Lindeke
Flying cell towers are what the global fight to end poverty needs
Rahul Tiwari
Play Proud:Leveling the playing field for Muslim girls in sports
Fatimah Hussein
Performance at MacPhail Center for Music | Ananya Dance Theatre | TEDxMinneapolisWomen
Ananya Dance Theatre
The revolutionary truth about kids and gender identity
Angela Kade Goepferd
Finding the words to heal from racial trauma
Dr Richard Lee
How to see somebody naked
Nic Askew
Heritage: Seek the uncensored guttural truth
Romeny Chan
Dance as storytelling: Excerpts from Fires of Varanasi
Ragamala Dance Company
Let’s shape an economy that values connection over consumption
Neely Tamminga
Sex Trafficking in Your Back Yard
Vednita Carter
The Power of the Black Experience in the Classroom
Dr. Keith Mayes
Poor women are heroes, not victims
Fartun Weli
The community transformed me when the system almost broke me
Jason Sole
Struggling to survive America’s real-time nightmare
Sagirah Shahid
Performance by Open Eye Theater | Open Eye Theater | TEDxMinneapolis
Open Eye Theater
Are All Relationships Messy?
Carol Bruess, Ph.D.
How to inspire like a rock star
Michael Fanuele
The Poet Talks of Freedom
Tish Jones
The impossible happens every day in the life of the refugee
Kao Kalia Yang
Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement
Damien Riehl
A grieving artist goes viral finding flow
Josie Lewis
Healing mental illness through brain network stimulation
Alik Widge
Reclaiming cultural identity and language through hip hop
Tou SaiK Lee
Hack-Proofing Childhood: Ensuring our children's online safety
Zinet Kemal
Dance your way to empowerment (no experience required)
Brian Bose
Xenophobia in America: How we got here and what's at stake
Erika Lee
Beat Box + Cello + Flute
Julie Johnson, Jacqueline Ultan, and DJ Snuggles
Dance Performance at TEDxMinneapolis: Intention
Nkauj Ntxuam Dej
Meet You at the Red Bench
Food can fuel economic growth in underserved communities
Glenn Ford
Technoparenting: How tech can reconnect parents and kids
Lana Yarosh, Ph.D.
This blind Ironman turns disability into possibility
Louie McGee
Singing is Your Birthright
Ariella Forstein
The side of climate change we must debate: how do we adapt
Jessica Hellmann
How nanoparticles can help solve the global food crisis
Christy Haynes
Harnessing the power of restlessness
Terry Esau
Live Performance @ TEDxMinneapolis | Sarah White + Band | TEDxMinneapolisSalon
Sarah White + Band
Going natural: embracing my curls and finding my voice
Alex West Steinman
The invitation
Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Composing for choir, orchestra—and video projections
Jocelyn Hagen
Breaking the Cycle of Gun Violence
Sherman Patterson
Can Virtual Reality Change Your Mind?
Thong Nguyen
Bionic humans aren’t science fiction
Michael McAlpine
Performance by batteryboy | batteryboy – @batteryboymusic | TEDxMinneapolis
How indigenous hoop dancers see the world
Sampson Brothers
Black kid white town: Hip hop, George Floyd, and brokenness
To Save Farming We have to Save Farmers
Eric Sannerud
Climate Change Through Art and Dance
Dr. Cecilia Martinez and Chitra Vairavan
Why I Wear Purple
Andrea Jenkins
Engaging and empowering Somali youth
Mohamed Farah
Te power of “art and”
Laura Zabel
How Deep Brain Devices Open New Research into Brain Diseases
Jadin Jackson
All The Lights On: Reimagining Theater to Include Everyone
Michelle Hensley
Executive function skills are the roots of success
Stephanie Carlson
Performance at MacPhail Center for Music | Blythe Baird | TEDxMinneapolisWomen
Blythe Baird
Performance at MacPhail Center for Music | Maria Isa | TEDxMinneapolisWomen
Maria Isa
Sound and Color: I learned I have synesthesia and you could too
Sarah Kraning
Hip-Hop Diaspora and Diplomacy
Toki Wright
Can a voice-interactive toy robot transform education?
DeLonn Crosby
Improv Closing Performance
Theater of Public Policy
Reap & Sow Performance on Apr 1, 2016 | Roe Family Singers Band | TEDxMinneapolisSalon
Roe Family Singers Band
How our kitchen tables affect our ability to thrive
Tasoulla Hadjiyanni
The Geography of Inequality
Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
How indigenous values can help sexual violence victims heal
Nicole Matthews
School as a positive element of change in our food system
Bertrand Weber
3D Printed Prosthetic Hands for the World
Desineni Subbaram Naidu
Opening Light Performance | Enticing Entertainment | TEDxMinneapolis
Enticing Entertainment
This Unlikely 1960s Space Tech Can Help Save the Bees
Rob Davis
A dream of touch when touch is gone
Black Label Movement
Places and Spaces and the Behavior They Create
Damaris Hollingsworth
Voices of Hope from within prison walls
Amanda Weber
How cell phones and video gaming can help cancer patients
Dr. David Odde
It’s okay not to be the center of the Universe
May Lee-Yang
Performance at TEDxMinneapolis: Intention | Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu Quartet
Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu Quartet
Opportunities of the On-Demand Economy
Tom Fisher
From COVID ICU to Ironman finish line
Ben O’Donnell
Is Performing Art Worth the Struggle?
Vie Boheme
Be better than fine
Nora McInerny
Kaleena Miller Dance | Kaleena Miller Dance | TEDxMinneapolis
Kaleena Miller Dance
Why we should all eat bugs
Dr Sujaya Rao
The Lasting Legacy of Place Names
Kate Beane, Ph.D.
How Genomics Will Change the Way We Treat Cancer Patients
George Vasmatzis
Why we need each other to survive and thrive after loss
Anne Harbison
Winter Innovation Grows Change for Northern Food System
Carol Ford
Stop Training. Start Talking.
Leondra Hanson