Kevin Ehrman-Solberg

GIS Cartographer – Speaker

Kevin Ehrman-Solberg is a co-founder of the Mapping Prejudice Project at the University of Minnesota’s Borchert Map Library where he and a small team have built the first-ever comprehensive visualization of racially biased covenants for an American city. Their project maps restrictive deed covenants–agreements made during home purchases–that enforced racial segregation in Minneapolis until the Fair Housing Act of 1968 outlawed such covenants. Despite this landmark legislation, to this day the vast majority of the nation’s neighborhoods remain deeply segregated. As an active proponent of the digital humanities, Ehman-Solberg interrogates the intersection of space and historical narrative. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Ehrman-Solberg has recently completed his Master of Geographic Information at the University of Minnesota, and is now a graduate student in the Department of Geography, Environment and Society.