Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu Quartet

Dark Cabaret Music – Performance

The Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu was conceived by guitarist Joe Hastings and violinist Sarah Muellerleile in 2015 with the initial aim of playing turn-of-the-century European parlor music. After an influential trip to Key West, their project quickly evolved into writing dark, sophisticated, original compositions inspired by chamber music, waltzes, and traditional Romani tunes that touch on such themes as hauntings, mermaids, voodoo, pirates and pretzels. Presently, the duo is experimenting with additional performers and instrumentation with the ultimate goal of composing music for a new version of the symphony orchestra.

Joe Hastings: Guitarist
Sarah Muellerleile: Violinist
Kim Mancini: Percussion
Matt Senjem: Upright Bass