Desineni Subbaram Naidu

By 2050, there will be 50 million limb amputations all over the world! The present cost of a prosthetic hand with limited functionality is around $50,000. Desineni Subbaram Naidu has a vision to create an open source, affordable, and 3-D printed prosthetic hand with most functionality using surface based electromyography (s-EMG) to give hope and happiness to those millions of amputees.

Dr. Desineni Subbaram Naidu, a professor and the Minnesota Power Jack
Rowe Chair in electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth, is
creating an affordable five-finger prosthetic hand that can do almost anything
a human hand can do. He has conducted research and lectured across the
globe, and has authored more than 220 publications. Dr. Naidu is a Life Fellow
of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and has received
the National Academy of Sciences Senior Research Associate Award twice to
conduct independent research with NASA Langley Research Center and US
Air Force Research Lab and has been honored by Idaho State University with
Outstanding and Distinguished Researcher awards.

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